Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Diigo!

I bookmark...a lot! Like many teachers, I have a home computer, school computer, iPad, and an iPhone. I have bookmarks on all and I often forget which device has which bookmark. So, I started using Diigo yesterday and I love it. If you are interested, here is a little more information.

Go to Diigo and click on 'Get Started Now'.

Fill in your information and click 'continue'

After you activate your account by email, you will drag the Diigo icon to your bookmarks bar.

When you find a page you would like to bookmark, you just click the bookmark. A menu will open on the right side of your bookmark bar.

You can now click 'bookmark' to add the page to your list. I have downloaded this feature on both computers as well as the app on my iPad and iPhone. I now have my bookmarks no matter where I am! 

Sorry if you already know this, I was just very excited to finally use it! 


1 comment:

  1. I use diigo as it! I can bookmark something on my laptop at home and then pull it up on the smartboard at school. Great!

    I also use dropbox for that as well. Same idea save documents in dropbox and pull them up anywhere....I can also share with others partner teacher and I share a great.