Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPad Applications

Part of my technology integration program is researching instructional software tools. I chose to complete this project with the iPad in mind. If you are interested, feel to check it out. There are links to several resources on iPad applications within the presentation.

There are various types of instructional software. I noted applications for drill-and-practice, tutorials, simulations, games, and problem solving. Each lists 2-3 applications that fit these needs in the kindergarten classroom.


  1. Hi, I'm writing an extensive grant for 4 ipads in my classroom & you have really helped me out! It feels like I'm writing my second thesis, good luck to you! Do you have specific research to support slide 2? I've googled research for using ipads with kinders but can't find any that sounds super professional! Thanks again!

  2. It is difficult to find credible resources. All I can find are articles by papers and teacher reviews. One review that has some data is:

    She supports her information with specifics. Best of luck and let me know if you find anything!