Saturday, November 24, 2012

Learner Portfolios

I am supportive of the use of learner portfolios in the classroom. I have seen some wonderful posts about various tools that can be utilized by the teacher. However, I am more interested in the learners taking control of their portfolio and having my role be as a guide in the tools that can be utilized to capture their learning. This year, I have been very happy with the use of My Story on our iPads.

We have utilized My Story to create individual eBooks over the last year. The application uploads the learner's work and emails a link in which to view the book. This is great for sharing our eBooks with the world. The tools within the application are also very easy to use and the students can effortlessly navigate and create.

I noticed that we have the same need with learner portfolios. These are not my creation or documentation of my work, thus it should not be me behind the portfolio's creation. The learner can take pictures, record their voice over, draw, and type their learning. At the end of the year, they will email the link and have a portfolio at their access whenever they like. The families will also have access and the learner can share work that is truly their own.

One of the benefits of having learners control their portfolio is that they can add to it whenever they create something or learn something new. I do not need to open an application on my computer, as they are on the learners' iPads.

I love this application. Since we moved to a 1-to-1 iPad school, this is the perfect means for learners to document their learning.

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