Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Love Technology

Today, I am attending an iPad workshop. I hope to learn a lot. That is fitting, since the entire focus is about teachers and their role in the classroom. Our speaker, who is an employee of Apple, is discussing the changes in education in relation to technology. Minus the Apple focus, I am really enjoying the information.

In the classroom, I am trying to become a facilitator and not a dictator. I am trying to be a resource rather than the one and only source of on knowledge. I am also trying to show the students how I am a life-long learner and proud of it. Information is right at their fingertips all of the time. I love technology.

I hope for teachable moments. Whether it be explaining to my kids why I would be gone today (I will be learning) or answering a question by providing access to where they can find the answer, I become excited and feel a love of learning. I love technology.

I am posting during a presentation. I am relating what I am hearing to my field, life, and experiences. I will be able to provide an overall review of the presentation because of the connections I am making. I love technology.

I hope teachers are able to make learning relavant and meaningful for my children. My children could have an education full of excitement. They could leave school full of enthusiasm and curiosity. I love technology.

However, none of this could happen without teachers who are prepared to integrate technology in their classrooms. Teachers who are life-long learners that will spark student interest and create students of life. I love teachers.

Technology may be taking over our classrooms. I look at this as a positive side to an ever-changing face of education. However, teachers are needed to guide students in their learning and be one of their many resources.


  1. I went to an apple workshop today too in hopkins, mn. It was amazing! I can not wait to use some of the cool apps with my class.
    I enjoy your blog - thanks for all the time you take to share your ideas.

  2. I was in Hopkins as well. Good stuff! Thanks for the reply!

  3. Apple is trying to get back into the education market. Who can blame them? I think they have developed great products for teachers and students. Of course, we all wish those products were less expensive.

    I enjoyed reading your philosophy!

  4. I feel like we have so much in common! I LOVE some tech and am figure out my way with the apple products in my room. Can we do some app idea trading? hehe

  5. I would love to share app ideas! We are looking at tossing our reading and math workbooks and creating our own plan for the year with manipulatives and iPads. If you have any thoughts, let me know!

  6. I love teachers like you, and I love technology! It amazes me what my little guy is learning already in Kdgn!

  7. I want an IPad!!! I love your blog it's so cute! I'm a new follower!