Saturday, January 14, 2012

President's Day/Patriotism

I am working towards my Masters in Educational Technology at Boise State University. One of my first courses provided experiences in virtual field trips. I have created a virtual field trip that celebrates our country and fits well with president's day.

My virtual field trip of Washington D.C. includes information, videos, audio clips, and various links. I designed it with young children in mind. It can be completed as a whole group under guidance of the teacher for early childhood. Or, if you work with older student buddies, they could complete it together.

The home page provides directions and miscellanious resources.  

There is a page about the United States Capital.

The page on the White House links to a tour of the rooms.

The Washington Monument page provides basic information about its' damage and repairs. 

The page on the Lincoln Memorial includes audio and a picture slideshow.

I hope that others can find this page useful. It is wonderful to be a part of a professional program that encourages weekly creation of useful, technology, tools. 


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